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Buying or selling property is an exciting time; it’s certainly one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.

But this excitement can disappear if there is confusion and anxiety about the steps you need to take to ensure the purchase or sale runs smoothly.

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It is no longer the case that only solicitors can do conveyancing. There are many conveyancing-only firms that are staffed by licensed conveyancers with no solicitors. We are a law firm in NSW where all of your conveyancing requirements will be overseen or undertaken by qualified and experienced technical lawyers.

Why Use a Conveyancing Law Firm?

We have a dedicated and highly experienced team of staff that specialise in conveyancing and property law—including property solicitors, licensed conveyancers and paralegals. Our fees are no more expensive than the majority of conveyancing-only firms. The great advantage is that by using ClickLaw, we will become your solicitors who will get to know you and your personal situation.

Fixed Fee Conveyancing

No one likes a surprise bill. Rather than billing by the hour, we offer low-cost, fixed fee conveyancing transactions. We would be happy to discuss pricing with you and we are sure you will be delighted with the value of the conveyancing services provided.


Flat Fee Pricing


Fixed Stage Pricing

We believe the traditional method of time billing is a thing of the past. It can lead to bad habits like unnecessarily prolonging or delaying matters, and means that clients are hesitant to call their lawyer because they are worried about being charged for the time. Fixing costs encourage efficiency, open communication and the timely resolution of your matter.

We work with you to define a scope of work and fix an agreed pricing structure. We do not deviate on price whilst within the defined scope of work. You needn’t spend any more time worrying about how much your next legal bill is going to be. Our fixed fee conveyancing provides certainty and enables our clients to budget for their legal costs as they would for any other cost.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks for all your help for a very complicated matter and always being available for all our questions. Much appreciated and I would highly recommend John for looking after your commercial lease.



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Fixed price, hassle-free conveyancing.