Online Conveyancing

Our team are experts in conveyancing and property law and can take you from the exchange of contracts to settlement. We will take the stress out of buying or selling a property and guide you expertly through each step of the conveyancing process.

Buying a property

We are able to assist you with your purchase of a property and have years of experience assisting buyers of homes, units, off the plan properties, purchasing an investment property and other more unusual properties such as storage spaces!  From our first meeting with you to discuss the contract and the conveyancing process generally, we will:
- Advise you on the Contract for Sale;
- Negotiate any amendments to the Contract for Sale with the vendor’s lawyer or conveyancer;
- Explain to you whether there is a cooling off period;- Attend to an exchange of contracts;
- Advise you in regard to any stamp duty payable and process your stamp duty assessment, we will also consider whether any stamp duty exemptions or grants may apply;


- undertake relevant statutory searches on the property between exchange of contracts and settlement;
- prepare the necessary documentation in readiness for settlement, such as the Transfer;
- liaise with your mortgage broker or bank to ensure all is in order prior to settlement;
- attend settlement or settle your matter via the electronica platform, PEXA; and
- ensure all documents are lodged and registered with NSW Land Registry Services to transfer the title of the property into your name.At all times throughout your purchase of the property, we will provide regular updates and advise you of any next steps required to be taken by you. As we work as a team, there is always more than one point of contact.

Selling a Property

There are many steps to think about when preparing to sell your property, all of which we address prior to a contract for sale being issued to your chosen real estate. We will:
- take detailed instructions from you prior to the preparation of a Contract for Sale to ensure that you meet your vendor disclosure obligations;
- advise you of your vendor disclosure obligations;
- obtain all of the necessary disclosure documents for attachment to your Contract from the various authorities;
- provide a Contract for Sale to your nominated real estate agent;
- address any queries raised by prospective purchasers;
- once a buyer is found and a purchase price has been agreed between the parties, we will issue the Contract to the prospective purchaser for their review;
- attend to an exchange of contracts at which time the Contract is binding on both parties;
- liaise with your Bank (if applicable) in regard to a discharge of mortgage and preparing the matter for settlement;
- advise you in regard to preparing the property for settlement (i.e. settling with vacant possession or subject to tenancy);
- attend to settlement of your property and deposit or transfer the funds owing to you on the day of settlement.

Electronic Conveyancing

PEXA ClickLaw’s team of lawyers and support staff are all proficient users of PEXA, the new electronic settlement platform under which conveyances are settled and documents lodged and registered with NSW Land Registry Services.