I feel the need, the need for speed

Anecdotally at least, the property market in certain regions of NSW has shot ahead. From a personal perspective, we here at ClickLaw have seen an increasing number of instructions to buy and sell come through and whilst I’ll leave the statistics on means, medians and volumes to the numbers buffs, our firm as a result of concentrated effort on systems and processes has acted for a number of successful purchaser’s in “races to exchange”.

That said, if a buyer is ready, the vendor should be ready or otherwise risk the loss of the potential buyer.

I feel the need, the need for speed – Some tips on preparing the legals for the sale of property

  1. Order the Zoning Certificate (and title documents) as soon as possible – before a property can be marketed by an agent for sale, a full copy of the draft contract must be available for the review by prospective purchasers. Councils may take a long time to provide the Zoning Certificate (not all Councils were created equally and some will provide them quicker than others). Delay in getting the zoning certificate from Council has caused vendors to miss out on qualified purchasers. Call ClickLaw and ask us to order the property searches as soon as you decide to sell;
  2. Dig out the shoe box of documents you have on your property. It is amazing how often long forgotten documents can assist in providing information to prospective purchasers to facility an expedient exchange;
  3. If you have done any building work in the past decade (watch this space for info in our next bulletin) ensure that you have Home Owners Warranty Insurance (if required) and an occupation certificate or building certificate for the relevant works;
  4. Use the right law firm to handle your purchase and sale. At ClickLaw, our process and online service means you will get to exchange without any unnecessary delay.