Why make a will?

Why is a Will important?

Most people put off doing things they don’t like or which seem like an administrative chore.  Drafting a Will is usually one of these things.  The process is really not that bad and we make it an easy and painless process!

What is the benefit to you and your family for getting your affairs in order and getting a Will?

why is a will important

You get a say in how your valuable assets are dealt with and if you have children, who will be the guardian of those children.

The alternative, that is, dyiing without a Will (dying intestate) typically means that there will be a level of uncertainty around how your assets will be handled and may be problematic if you have minor children.

The process for drafting and executing a Will is simplified when you speak to legal experts in the area.  Now is the time to review your current arrangements or, if you don’t have a Will in place, get in touch today.  Simply click on the link below and a member of our estates team will get in touch to kick start the process.

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