Benefits of online conveyancing

Online conveyancing is a great way to move quickly on that property you just found and want to buy (and beat other potential buyers) or if you want to sell your property, move quickly on getting the sale process sorted.

Online conveyancing means we get to meet with you conveniently to take your instructions and you don’t need to worry about getting to a solicitor’s office, getting children looked after or finding parking near the office!  You get the advice and get on with the day, with very little down time between your other tasks.

We help clients by giving them a valuable alternative to a face to face meeting in an office, often one party is at work, the other at home and we can have our meeting with them and continue to progress matters while everyone goes on with their day.

If you are buying a property, our first online meeting with you is to discuss the Contract for sale and prepare the matter for an exchange of contracts.  We carry out a detailed review of the Contract with our clients online and highlight the Contract on screen during the meeting and give you opportunities to ask your questions during the meeting.

The benefit of delivering conveyancing services online to our clients is that they receive quality and timely legal advice with minimum disruption to their day.  Often, an Exchange of Contracts can occur quicker than in the old ‘paper environment’ because the time needed for all parties to be available to meet is substantially reduced as a meeting starts upon the click of a link.

For vendors wishing to sell their property, our initial online meeting with vendors involves taking detailed instructions in order for us to prepare a contract for sale which complies with a vendor’s disclosure obligations.

The future of conveyancing is heading towards all conveyances settling electronically (check out the electronic platform, PEXA) which removes the hassle out of failed or delayed settlements and results in matters settling on time and happy vendors receiving their funds very quickly after settlement.

Why not join the conveyancing revolution and start your conveyance electronically?  Given nearly all parts of our lives are conducted online, it makes sense to receive legal services electronically too.

If you want to find out more about our online conveyancing services or other online legal services and are ready to make an offer on a property, get in touch with us now by clicking on the button below and we will give you further information about how you can get your purchase or sale started!