Online Conveyancing QLD

Online Conveyancing at Clicklaw is your one-stop shop for property conveyancing in QLD. Our licensed conveyancers specialise in all types of real estate transactions, including buying and selling residential property, business sales and purchases, and transfers. Our process ensures that nothing is missed and you will know exactly where things are up to at each stage.

Our process

First Step
Contract Review - We will review and advise you on the conditions of the contract, arrange any inspections that are required, speak with your lender to assist with loan approval on your behalf and negotiate terms of the contract that suit you.

Second Step
Due Diligence on our behalf - This is the part that sets us apart and our job is to ensure you are able to use the land for your intended use. Experience is invaluable in this stage.

Third Step 
Exchange of Contracts - 
This is the milestone in the transaction because up to now, everything is negotiable but after exchange of contracts, nothing is negotiable; you and the Vendor are locked in. It is essential that all the boxes are ticked before entering this stage and our process ensures they are.

Fourth Step
Settlement -
Leading up to settlement, we will order all the necessary financial searches and review those results, we’ll prepare the necessary documents for registration and we’ll liaise with other parties including your lender, the agent and the vendor’s conveyancer to calculate adjustments and confirm arrangements. We will also arrange government concessions if they apply to you. You will receive a complete balance sheet prior to settlement so that you can see exactly what is taking place.

Fifth Step
After Settlement -
We will advise of settlement within 1 hour of it taking place so that you can collect the keys and enjoy. We will receive your Title Documents within 7 days and forward copies immediately to you. Council and other government authorities are advised of the change in ownership.